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Therapy Session

During hypnosis, the power of the mind is used to release stress, tension and pressure, remove negative thoughts, alter unwanted behaviour and alleviate or eliminate a wide variety of stress related or psychosomatic problems.

It is a positive and non-addictive power for good which improves both your physical and mental health. It has no unwanted side effects and most people can benefit.

Some sessions are recorded to listen to between sessions. This ensures maximum benefit between appointments. The recording must not be used whilst driving a vehicle or operating machinery.

If you have private medical insurance, you may be able to claim the cost of your treatment. Please phone them before committing to a course.

Many stress related problems are brought about by the continuing subconscious misinterpretation of current, recent or past events in your life.

Analysis is used along with hypnotherapy to help you understand your reactions to those events. It will leave you with the ability and self confidence to react more positively to future events.

There is no charge for your initial consultation. During this chat which will last approx 30 mins, an assessment of your individual case history will be given, including an estimate of the number of sessions in the proposed course, their nature and overall cost.

Please be aware that some medical conditions or the medication used to treat them, may render a client unsuitable for hypnotherapy. However, analysis may be used alone in some cases so please do not hesitate to discuss.



Reiki is described as ‘universal life energy’. It is defined as being the power that exists and acts in all created matter.


The symbol ‘rei’ describes the boundless aspect of this energy. ‘ki’ is, in itself, part of ‘rei’ , being the vital life-force energy which flows through all living beings.


Reiki is a simple and natural healing method. It is also an effective way of transferring this universal life energy. Once a person has opened up to become a ‘channel’ for Reiki, (your Reiki practitioner), concentrated life energy will flow through their hands of its own accord and they will retain this ability for the rest of their lives.


All Reiki healers practising today have been attuned by followers of the 16 Reiki masters who were themselves attuned by the first Reiki master, Dr Mikao Usui, before his death around 1930. One of the 16 was Dr Chujiro Hayashi from whom my line descends.


Dr Usui’s path to gaining the spiritual enlightenment which led to him becoming a healer is a fascinating one and well worth reading about – sadly there isn’t enough room here!




*  Supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself

* Is pleasant and holistic,revitalising body and soul

*Re-establishes spiritual equilibrium/mental well - being

*Balances the body’s energies at all levels

*Loosens blocked energy and promotes total relaxation

*Cleanses the body of toxins

* Adjusts itself depending on the needs of the recipient


Reiki can be given on a therapy couch or chair


The client is fully-clothed


It can be given either ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ depending on the practitioner’s instinct or the client’s preference.


It is not unusual for clients to fall asleep or to feel a very profound sense of relaxation.


A  Reiki session lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Colour Therapy


The ancient book of Chinese internal medicine, the Neijing, is the first recorded mention of colour being seen as a powerful tool to heal ailments in a simple way some 2000 years ago.


Since then, scientists have continued to study the effect of light and colour. In Denmark in 1877, it was discovered that light in the ultra-violet wavelength stopped bacteria growing in petri – dishes and on humans. In America in the 1930’s it was discovered that crops grow well under a blue sky and that hens reared under red lights flew into rages and fought!   It has been a continual evolution ever since. We now know that colour and light have an effect on the way we feel and the way we behave. This can extend to the colours we wear and those we surround ourselves with in our homes and working environments.


Colour Therapy uses the power of coloured light to effect healing and alteration of mood.


Colour Therapy can be given on a therapy couch or chair


The client is fully clothed


It can be given either ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ depending on the practitioner’s assessment or the client’s preference.


It is not unusual for clients to fall asleep or to feel a very profound feeling of relaxation.


A Colour Therapy session lasts around 40 minutes.


As I am a Reiki practitioner, Colour Therapy will also have an element of reiki healing involved as that is always present in a therapeutic environment.

Colour Therapy
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